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There are different reasons for imperfections. We pass the savings to you!

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Single Strand 3mm, Single Strand 4mm, Single Strand 5mm, Single Strand 6mm, Single Strand 8mm, Extra Soft White, 2mm Natural, 4mm 3 Strand Ball, Extra Soft Charcoal, Braided White, Braided Natural, 4mm 3 Strand Spool, Braided Lime, 1mm Moss, 1mm Natural, 8mm 3 Strand, 4mm 3 Strand Himalayan Salt, 5mm Cotton Candy, 4mm 3 Strand Kale, 2mm Coconut, 2mm Rose, 5mm Mintage, 1mm Fruit Punch, 1mm Forest, 1mm Avocado, Jute Aqua, 4mm 3 Strand Marigold (498 ft), 4mm Single Strand Spice, 3mm 4 Strand Ball

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