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Macrame Snowflake ❄️

    This macrame snowflake wreath is perfect for winter decorating! It’s a quick and easy project during those busy holidays. It’s also a great way to use scraps. We hope you enjoy this festive project! Finished size approx. 16″ x 16″ Pro Tips If the fringe is too floppy,… 

    Macrame Barrettes

      Light Pink Feathered 12 – 10 inch Extra Soft Dusty Pink cords Half Hitch Knot each cord onto both sides of the barrette. Gold Half Sun 2 – 24 inch Extra Soft Gold cords 4 – 18 inch Extra Soft Gold cords 3 – 12 inch Extra Soft… 

      Dragonfly Butterfly Plant Hanger 🦋

        A step-by-step guide to creating this cheerful Butterfly Dragonfly Plant Hanger. Fits 4-6” pots. Happy Knotting! Materials:– size 4mm to 8mm single or multi strand, approx. 80ft / 25m total– (1) 2-3” Metal or wood ring

        Lucky Clover Keychain 🍀

          A step-by-step guide on how to make this adorable Keychain!AKA – Shamrock Knot, Good Luck Knot, Sailor’s CrossMaterials: RMC 3mm or 4mm (about 12′), 1 Keyring

          Thrifty Macrame Mirrors

            2 Mirror Upgrades Under $10 using scraps. Mirror #1 ↠ Very similar $9.99 Target mirror can be found at Walmart, Craft Stores, and thrift shops. Mirror #2 ↠ $1 DollarTree 14″ Wreath Ring ↠ $3 JoannFabric 10″ Round Mirror ↠ Less than $1 Hot Glue TIP: Scraps do… 

            Joining 2 Pieces with a Macrame Feather

              A step-by-step guide on how to combine 2 pieces with a Macrame Feather. Material Used: 6mm Single Strand Natural Click to view our fiber recommendations chart.

              Feather Dreamcatcher

                A step-by-step tutorial making this Macrame Feather Dreamcatcher. Materials: 6mm Single Strand Natural (5) 70 inch cords / 180 cm (16) 8 inch cords / 20 cm (20) 30 inch cords / 76 cm Approximately 90 feet total (27 meters) (1) 10 inch hoop / 26 cm Step… 

                All About Braids

                  A step-by-step guide on how to Braid 4 ways! 3 Strand Braid ↠ 0:02 6 Strand Braid ↠ 0:34 Fishtail ↠ 2:38 Butterfly ↠ 5:19 Materials Used ↠ RMC 4mm Single Strand Click here for our Fiber Recommendations Chart.

                  How To Crown Knot 👑

                    Regular Crown Knot ↠ 0:01 Spiral / Twist Crown Knot ↠ 2:23 Materials Used ↠ RMC 4mm 3 Strand SPIRAL-TWIST TIPS ↠ Keep the cords going in the same direction. Always fold to the right or left side, every time. Click here for our Fiber Recommendations Chart.