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Rock Mountain Co. Leaf 🌿

Diamond Half Hitch FREE Patten – Part 2 Designed (invented/created) by yours truly just for YOU (our customers and subscribers)! ↠ Start the same way as Diamond Half-Hitch Part 1 ↠ Half-Hitch starting with the 2 center cords. (Half hitch tutorial) ↠ Always knot to the opposite side. ↠ Continue half-hitching while alternating both sides. […]

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DIY Macrame Coasters

A step-by-step guide on how to make Macrame Coasters using half-hitch knots! (Half hitch tutorial) ↠ (14) 7 inch cords per coaster ↠ (7) 5 ft cords per coaster ↠ Larks head knot 5 ft cords onto pencil. ↠ Clip pencil with clipboard. ↠ Double Half-Hitch 5ft cords onto each 7in cord. ↠ Comb and trim […]

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Diamond Half-Hitch Pattern

FREE pattern creating this Diamond Half-Hitch! ↠ Start with at least 10 cords. (5 cords folded in half) ↠ Half-Hitch with the 2 center cords. (Half hitch tutorial) ↠ Continue half-hitching both sides. ↠ Starting with the center cords, continue half-hitching the bottom half of the diamond. ↠ Half-Hitch the center cords. ↠ Repeat pattern. […]

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