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Plushie Hammock

    This macrame stuffy hammock is perfect for a nursery or child’s room! It’s a quick and simple project to get those toys off the floor! It’s a great gift for new moms with pets. It’s also a great way to use scraps. We hope you enjoy this practical… 

    Macrame Snowflake ❄️

      This macrame snowflake wreath is perfect for winter decorating! It’s a quick and easy project during those busy holidays. It’s also a great way to use scraps. We hope you enjoy this festive project! Finished size approx. 16″ x 16″ Pro Tips If the fringe is too floppy,… 

      Macrame Table Runner

        If you’re feeling ambitious, check out this free advanced macrame pattern. This vintage inspired table runner will enhance any table display any time of the year! Materials QTY 30 – 3mm Single Strand Natural 35ft cords folded. Made for a table 46 inches long. Start with 5 groups… 

        Macrame Barrettes

          Light Pink Feathered 12 – 10 inch Extra Soft Dusty Pink cords Half Hitch Knot each cord onto both sides of the barrette. Gold Half Sun 2 – 24 inch Extra Soft Gold cords 4 – 18 inch Extra Soft Gold cords 3 – 12 inch Extra Soft… 

          Lucky Clover Keychain 🍀

            A step-by-step guide on how to make this adorable Keychain!AKA – Shamrock Knot, Good Luck Knot, Sailor’s Cross Materials:

            Thrifty Macrame Mirrors

              2 Mirror Upgrades Under $10 using scraps. Mirror #1 ↠ $1 DollarTree 14″ Wreath Ring↠ $3 JoannFabric 10″ Round Mirror↠ Less than $1 Hot Glue Mirror #2 ↠ Very similar $9.99 Target mirror can be found at Walmart, Craft Stores, and thrift shops. TIP: Scraps do not have… 

              The Making Of – Keystone Macrame Wall Hanging

                Protected Design – (meaning) This video is for entertainment purposes only. This is not a tutorial. Do not replicate. ©RockMountainCo. Material Used: 6mm Single Strand Natural Supplies

                Joining 2 Pieces with a Macrame Feather

                  A step-by-step guide on how to combine 2 pieces with a Macrame Feather. Material Used: 6mm Single Strand Natural Supplies Click to view our fiber recommendations chart.

                  Feather Dreamcatcher

                    A step-by-step tutorial making this Macrame Feather Dreamcatcher. Materials: Supplies: Step 1 Start with 70 inch cords. Fold them in half. Step 2 RMC Leaf x 3 (Diamond Half Hitch Pattern) Step 3 Larks Head 8 inch cords to Diamond Half Hitch PatternComb and Trim to desired feather…