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How to Finish a Macrame Project – Fringe Tutorial

    Quick tips on how to get the perfect fringe or tassel every time.

    1. Measure the 1st cord. Add 1 inch. Carefully cut the 1st cord.
    2. Measure the last cord. Add 1 inch. Carefully cut the last cord.
    3. Measure a center cord. Add 1 inch. Carefully cut the center cord.
    4. Cut the remaining cords using your measured cords as a visual guide.
    5. (MULTI-Strand Only) Unravel the cords.
    6. Use a fine tooth comb to comb out the cords.
    7. Use your fingers to straighten out the cords. (Like cutting hair)
    8. VERY CAREFULLY cut the fringe to your desired length.

    Pro Tips:

    • Make sure your bottom macrame row is SUPER tight. Be patient. Take deep breaths.
    • Ropes and cords by Rock Mountain Co. are 100% cotton. So, you can treat it similar to cotton clothing. For cords that keep curling, I recommend misting with water and combing. Then, let it hang straight to air dry. In general, the longer the fringe the more work it is to comb out. Make sure to comb out entirely before misting (front, inside, and back).
    • If the fringe is too floppy, it might be too long for that project.
    • For extra strength hold, use a fringe spray adhesive. Spray both sides and let air dry between coats.
    • We recommend these strategies after your knotting portion is done. Single strand is the best for straight fringe. 3 strand may always have a slight wave to it.


    Click to view our fiber recommendations chart.

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