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Horizontal Half Hitch Knot – Pattern

    A step-by-step guide on how to Horizontal Half Hitch Knot. It creates super awesome monochrome effect!

    1. Start with at least 4 strands.
    2. The 1st cord is your anchor cord.
    3. Take the 1st and 2nd cord; create a backwards 4 around the anchor cord.
    4. Pull tail through the backwards 4.
    5. Tighten. Repeat half hitch knot with same cords.
    6. Take your anchor cord and the next cord.
    7. Repeat 2 half hitch knots.
    8. Repeat until rows is done.

    Next Row

    1. Bring your anchor cord the other direction parallel with your 1st row.
    2. Half hitch knot with a regular 4
    3. Repeat until row is done.


    Keep your anchor cord as horizontal as possible.


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