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How to Josephine Knot

    A step-by-step guide on how to Josephine (Celtic) Knot.

    1. Start with at least 2 cords.
    2. With the left cord, make a loop. Tail in front.
    3. Bring the right cord behind your loop.
    4. Right tail – over the left tail.
    5. Right tail – through the top towards you.
    6. Right tail – back into the left loop.
    7. Right tail – behind the right anchor cord.
    8. Right tail – over the left tail.
    9. Right tail – back through the left loop towards you.

    PRO TIPS: 

    • Lay your macrame project on a flat surface. OR, do not let go of loop until the knot is done.
    • Use 2 different colors at first.


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