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How to Macrame Feathers

    FREE pattern creating these Macrame Feathers!
    ↠ Measure how long you want your feather.
    ↠ Add 3-4 inches. Double the length. Fold in half.
    ↠ With the loop, create a Lark’s Head Knot.

    ↠ Take 2 7-10 inch cords. Fold in half.
    ↠ Place one loop in front and one in back, facing opposite directions.
    ↠ Pull both tails through both loops. Tighten to top.
    ↠ Repeat until desired length.

    ↠ Overhand knot with both anchor cords.
    ↠ Measure 3.5-5 inches and carefully cut.
    ↠ Cut and trim until desired shape.

    TIPS: Keep knots in the same direction. Use scrap pieces of cord.

    Materials Used: RMC 4mm Single Strand

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