How To Square Knot – Macrame Tutorial

Materials: RMC Fiber Art Rope + Dowel / Driftwood / etc.

↠ Start with 4 strands.
↠ Take right strand and create a backwards 4 across the back.
↠ Lay left strand under the right strand and pull it through the backwards 4.
↠ Tighten to the top.
↠ Lay the new right strand over the 2 center strands creating another backwards 4. (Repeat the opposite)
↠ Lay left strand over the right strand tail and fold across the back.
↠ Pull left strand through the backwards 4.
↠ Evenly, tighten to the top.

Next Row:
↠ Skip 2 strands and repeat the square knot with the next 4 strands.
↠ Continue square knotting until row is done.

TIP: Starting out, use 2 colors. One color should always be in front.
First Row: Dusty Pink was in front.
Second Row: Pink Blush was in front.

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