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How To Square Knot – Macrame Tutorial

    1. Start with 4 strands.
    2. Take right strand and create a backwards 4 across the back.
    3. Lay left strand under the right strand and pull it through the backwards 4.
    4. Tighten to the top.
    5. Lay the new right strand over the 2 center strands creating another backwards 4. (Repeat the opposite)
    6. Lay left strand over the right strand tail and fold across the back.
    7. Pull left strand through the backwards 4.
    8. Evenly, tighten to the top.

    Next Row:

    1. Skip 2 strands and repeat the square knot with the next 4 strands.
    2. Continue square knotting until row is done.

    PRO TIP: Starting out, use 2 colors. One color should always be in front.


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