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Rock Mountain Co. Leaf 🌿

Diamond Half Hitch FREE Patten – Part 2 Designed (invented/created) by yours truly just for YOU (our customers and subscribers)! β†  Start the same way as Diamond Half-Hitch Part 1 β†  Half-Hitch starting with the 2 center cords. (Half hitch tutorial) β†  Always knot to the opposite side. β†  Continue half-hitching while alternating both sides. […]

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How to Macrame Feathers

FREE pattern creating these Macrame Feathers! β†  Measure how long you want your feather. β†  Add 3-4 inches. Double the length. Fold in half. β†  With the loop, create a Lark’s Head Knot. β†  Take 2 7-10 inch cords. Fold in half. β†  Place one loop in front and one in back, facing opposite directions. […]

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