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Vertical Half Hitch – Macrame Zipper

    A step-by-step guide on how to Vertical Half Hitch Knot – Alternate Colors. It creates funky zipper effect!

    ↠ Start with at least 3 strands.
    ↠ Take the left cord; create a 4 around anchor cord(s).
    ↠ Pull tail through the 4.
    ↠ Tighten.
    ↠ Take the right cord; create a backwards 4 around anchor cord(s).
    ↠ Tighten.

    ↠ Repeat to desired length…

    TIP: It does not matter if you wrap around the anchor cord from the front or back, as long as you keep it consistent.

    Materials: RMC 4mm Single Strand Natural + Honey

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