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Dragonfly Butterfly Plant Hanger 🦋

    A step-by-step guide to creating this cheerful Butterfly Dragonfly Plant Hanger. Fits 4-6” pots. Happy Knotting! Materials:– size 4mm to 8mm single or multi strand, approx. 80ft / 25m total– (1) 2-3” Metal or wood ring

    Macrame Water Bottle Carrier

      An advanced step-by-step tutorial making this Macrame Water Bottle Carrier. Perfect for hands-free hiking, dog walking, events, outings with the kids, etc…! Very easy to modify and customize! Sizes shown in the video – size medium strap and standard size water bottle. Materials: 5mm Herringbone Braided OR 6mm… 

      Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

        FREE pattern creating this Vintage Style Macrame Plant Hanger + Gathering Knot! ↠ Start with 14 9ft cords. Fold in half. ↠ Cut 2 12ft cords. Fold in half. ↠ Use 12ft cords to Square Knot around the 9ft cords. TimeStamps: Handle – 0:19 Pattern – 1:01 Bottom –…