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Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

    FREE pattern creating this Vintage Style Macrame Plant Hanger + Gathering Knot!
    ↠ Start with 14 9ft cords. Fold in half.
    ↠ Cut 2 12ft cords. Fold in half.
    ↠ Use 12ft cords to Square Knot around the 9ft cords.

    Handle – 0:19
    Pattern – 1:01
    Bottom – 10:24
    Gathering Knot – 10:46
    Fringe – 12:30

    Materials: RMC 4mm Single Strand OR 5mm Single Strand ↠ Approx. 150 ft total

    Click to view our fiber recommendations chart.

    2 thoughts on “Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger”

      1. Hi Emadnafie! Thank you for watching and reaching out!
        Go to exactly 1:01 and pause.
        Start with a regular 4 strand square knot. Then, square knot with the inner cords (smaller circle cords). Then, square knot with the outer (larger circle cords). Then, repeat the pattern (3 knot pattern). Does this help?

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