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Macrame Table Runner

If you’re feeling ambitious, check out this free advanced macrame pattern. This vintage inspired table runner will enhance any table display any time of the year! MaterialsQTY 30 – RMC 3mm Single Strand Natural 35ft cords folded. Made for a table 46 inches long. Start with 5 groups of 12 cords. Fringe cords are 9 […]

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Lucky Clover Keychain 🍀

A step-by-step guide on how to make this adorable Keychain!AKA – Shamrock Knot, Good Luck Knot, Sailor’s CrossMaterials: RMC 3mm or 4mm (about 12′), 1 Keyring

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Macrame Hearts 💕

How to Macrame Hearts 2 ways! Celtic Heart Knot ↠ 0:01 Square Knot Heart ↠ 1:27 Materials Used ↠ RMC 4mm 3 Strand Click here for our Fiber Recommendations Chart.

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Holiday Snowflake + Tree Ornaments

2 FREE DIY Holiday decor beginner patterns!  Super easy Macrame Christmas Tree and Snowflake ornaments tutorial. Holiday Tree ↠ 20-24″ Unicorn Mane ↠ 6ft Extra Soft Snowflake ↠ (14) 20-24″ Unicorn Mane ↠ 2″ Ring Materials Used: RMC Unicorn Mane + Extra Soft Click to view our fiber recommendations chart. Thank you for watching, liking, and subscribing! […]

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Pumpkin Skirts – Hats

Macrame Pumpkins 3 Ways! 🎃 ↠ Start with (12) 10 inch cords. ↠ Take one cord, fold in half. ↠ Create a loop with an Overhand Knot. TimeStamps: Pumpkin 1 – 0:05 Pumpkin 2 – 2:57 Pumpkin 3 – 4:40 Materials Used: RMC Natural 4mm or 5mm + Black Licorice Click to view our fiber recommendations chart. […]

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DIY Modern Minimal Wreath

Courtesy of @careless_threads via Instagram. “Here’s a little tutorial for the easiest DIY wreath you’ll ever make🌲🌿 I only had access to Frasier Fir and this random tree that still had green leaves in my backyard….but you can use whatever you’ve got available! I used gold and white striped washi tape to attach the greenery […]

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