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Macrame Snowflake ❄️

    This macrame snowflake wreath is perfect for winter decorating! It’s a quick and easy project during those busy holidays. It’s also a great way to use scraps. We hope you enjoy this festive project!

    Finished size approx. 16″ x 16″

    Pro Tips

    If the fringe is too floppy, it might be too long.

    For extra strength fringe hold, there are spray adhesives in the craft section of many retail stores. Some even have glitter! Spray both sides and let air dry between coats.

    Beginner (In-Depth) Techniques Used

    How to Fringe Tutorial –

    How To Larks Head Knot –

    How to Square Knot –

    How to Half Hitch Knot –


    QTY 32 – RMC 8mm Single Strand Natural 30 inch cords folded. 80ft/25m total.

    QTY 1 – 6 inch Metal Hoop

    Spray Adhesive (optional)


    Large Fabric Scissors

    Small Fabric Scissors

    Fine Tooth Comb

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